remember the tinman...

So who is the Twelfth Doctor? What will he be like? The real answer is, we don’t know. Yet. But we can say this: every Doctor has, on occasion, demonstrated the cussedness of the First, the beguiling charm of the Second, the flap and dash of the Third, the downright oddness of the Fourth, the pluck of the Fifth, the arrogance of the Sixth, the cunning of the Seventh, the unstoppability of the Eighth, the pain of the Ninth, the easy charisma of the Tenth and the boffinry of the Eleventh. The Twelfth Doctor will surely, at one point or another, demonstrate all of these attributes, too — and add in something of his own, for his own successors.

Yaaay. Less than an hour to go, guys! Happy 50th! (Ohhh and this thing is lifted from the back of the free ‘Doctor cards’ that came with DWM’s bumper anniversary issue. I’m going to be scanning them and posting them on here in due time.)
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